7 thoughts on “Episode 14

  1. Love the declutter challenge. I did a major one last yr so can’t participate but look forward to hearing how you do. And Pete is living up to your title, Completely Uniformed when it comes to the Constitution…. sadly.

  2. Hi! You guys have given me something to think about. It seems to me that if you have a “smart” refrigerator that it would be connected to your household WIFI. This would potentially allow a hacker to connect to your refrigerator and then once they have accessed your WIFI the hacker can now get into your computer and bank accounts, emails, etc. think back to the school who issued their students free lap taps and then were spying on the kids in their homes and bedrooms via webcam on the laptop. I hate to sound paranoid but you aren’t actually paranoid if something IS going on…. Thanks guys!

    1. As usual, happy to laugh again! Will try to do this without spoilers….
      1) Love the cat walks! I’ve always felt, as far as pictures and wall space, who needs pictures of animals on the wall when you have live ones all over! Hope you can figure out a way to do it!
      2) FEAR OF THE WEEK, FANtastic!
      3) still giggling over “HubBubBaloo” every time it pops into my head!
      4) HYSTERICAL over The “oh my God, everything is happening at once!” And “there’s such a thing as a speakerphone”……and HELLO! Back To Barry
      5) can I do the De-clutter thing?! Time will tell…. Maybe we can modify? ( and maybe it’s a good thing that I’m not sure I have enough by week 52 to throw away)
      6) I better get crackin’ on my books! I’m only one third of the way through the first one! (Of course I’ve seen all the shows, but that doesn’t count!)

  3. Loved this weeks podcast. Just got to see the pictures of the cat walk, I love it and I hope you are able to install at least some of them . with the proper tools you could build them all with no problem, I wished I lived closer because I have the tools and we could build them for your babies, I agree with Sharon on all 6 of her comments especially #3 and 4 . I just couldnt stop laughing,during the whole HubBubBAloo thing, you guys just crack me up, And then when Barry called and Pete was Checking the Chicken and you said oh my god everything is happening at once and you answered the phone and was explaining to Barry what was going on I laughed til there was tears,. I think the reason it is so funny is because its not rehearsed , Its just happening, Even though I Cant see y’all I can almost picture what is happening, It is priceless, thank you again for another evening of fun and laughter.
    Janette I do agree with you about the chicken being done . Everything I have ever read about cooking any poultry is that it should be cooked until done and you should see no blood when you cut into it. I am also like you no matter what I eat I want it well done. When I used to eat steak, I really dont like the taste of it, I wanted it Xtra well done, I just can’t stand to see blood on anything I am getting ready to eat, Chicken can be juicy and still be well done ,
    I have not started reading the Game of Thrones books yet but just finished watching the last episode of season 3 so hopefully I will know what you are talking about when you do the Game of thrones podcast next week, I am going to start reading the books soon . Have a safe trip Janette and look forward to the next podcast when you get back, Take care and stay safe in the horrible weather everyone seems to be having, we had 4 inches of snow here in Chesapeake Va and the schools have been closed for 2 days and the whole city was closed Wednesday,and accidents everywhere. Hopefully things will start to warm up by Saturday – stay safe and warm

  4. Is there any way at all to make your podcasts just a bit LOUDER, especially when Janette speaks? She is still much lower than Pete, and I don’t want to miss a word :)
    Thanks guys, you both rock!

  5. Love the podcast. I’m usually talking back to you guys. So funny! I do agree that sometimes the sound is off. I usually walk when I listen, so I have to turn up the volume to hear, and then Pete will laugh and blow out my ear drums!! It’s ok, never stop laughing Pete! Janette we have 5 cats (too many) so I love hearing about your cats.

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